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Privacy Policy


Know Mad Wines ABN 42 743 617 042 is bound by and complies with the Australian Privacy Principles (‘APPs’) under the Privacy Act 1988 (‘Privacy Act’). In accordance with the APPs our policy for collecting, holding, using and disclosing Personal Information is explained below. Personal Information has the meaning given to that term in the Privacy Act.

What Personal Information we collect

The kind of Personal Information we collect and hold includes:

  1. contact information such as your name, date of birth, postal address and e-mail address;
  2. employment details and educational qualifications;
  3. country of residence;
  4. preferences in relation to our products and your purchasing history;
  5. financial and tax related information such as tax file numbers, bank account numbers and land holdings; and
  6. other information which will assist Know Mad Wines in conducting our business and to provide our products and services (including but not limited to details regarding complaints).

We will not collect Sensitive Personal Information (as defined in the Privacy Act) without your express consent.

Why we collect/hold Personal Information

There are various reasons why Know Mad Wines collects and holds Personal Information, including to:

  1. comply with contractual obligations and various legislative requirements;
  2. process payments;
  3. assess suitability for employment;
  4. resolve a complaint;
  5. provide further information about our products;
  6. run competitions or marketing promotions; and/or
  7. provide and market our products and services.

Except where your consent has been provided, your Personal Information will only be used for the primary purpose for which it is collected.  We may expressly communicate this purpose to you or it may be clear from the nature of our dealings with you. For example the primary purpose may be to:

  1. conduct a trade promotion;
  2. provide our products;
  3. undertake market research;
  4. carry out direct marketing (in which case you will have consented to the marketing and you will be given an opportunity to unsubscribe in all marketing material sent to you); or
  5. assess suitability for employment.

How Know Mad Wines Collects Personal Information

Where possible, we attempt to collect Personal Information about an individual solely from that individual, however, at times we may be supplied with Personal Information by a third party.

If you supply us with Personal Information in relation to another person, you must have their consent to provide their Personal Information and you must make them aware of this Privacy Policy.

Your Personal Information is collected through the following means:

  1. competitions, entries or marketing promotions;
  2. employment applications;
  3. wine purchase history; or
  4. mailing lists.

Protection of Personal Information

Access to any Personal Information held about you is restricted to those persons who need to know that information in order to carry out the task for which the information was collected.

Know Mad Wines has physical and internal security measures in place to ensure that your Personal Information is protected. This includes firewalls and passwords. Where information is stored by a third party on our behalf we require those third parties to be compliant with the APPs.

We will de-identify or destroy your Personal Information once it is no longer required or if we are not permitted to obtain that information under the APPs.

When Know Mad Wines discloses Personal Information

Know Mad Wines may share your Personal Information with third-parties who perform functions on our behalf (such as drop-ship suppliers). We also collect Personal Information from these organisations and individuals and deal with that information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

It is our policy not to sell or pass on any Personal Information that you may have provided to us to third parties other than those third parties identified above unless we have your express consent to do so.  Another exception is where Know Mad Wines is required by law to disclose certain information.

Links to other sites

Know Mad Wines is not responsible for the privacy policy of any other site to which this web site has a hyper link.

Website Terms of Use

For information of our website terms of use please open the link below

Terms and Conditions

Access and correction to Personal Information

You have the right to contact Know Mad Wines (see contact details below) and request access to any Personal Information that we have collected about you.

Contact:             Simone Minett

Address:            C/O Know Mad Wines – www.knowmadwines.com 

Phone:               +61 412 920 367

Email:                hello@knowmadwines.com

You also have a right to request correction of any Personal Information Know Mad Wines may hold. If you discover that the information we hold about you is incorrect please contact the person above in writing to advise the necessary correction and the relevant information will be corrected within a reasonable period of time.


If you feel that your privacy has been breached or have any questions about the Know Mad Wines Privacy Policy, please contact Know Mad Wines (see contact details above).  Details in relation to any breach will need to be provided by you in writing. We will respond to any written complaints within a reasonable period.